Vulcanized Fibre


LMC-Plasticsource & DYNOS GmbH have formed a partnership to market commercial and electrical
grades of vulcanized fibre in the United States and Canada on an exclusive basis.

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The Dynos® brand is the most versatile fibre in the industry using 100% cotton fibers as well as in combination with high purity cellulose pulp.

Dynos® distinguishes two types of material of vulcanized fibre:

Dynos® T: Vulcanized fibre for general technical and mechanical use
                    (DIN 7737 TYPE Vf. 3111)
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Dynos® E: Vulcanized fibre for electrical use
                    (DIN 7737 TYPE Vf. 3121).
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Both grades in stock in Philadelphia PA and Troisdorf

Dynos Fibre can be supplied per specific customer required sizes, in sheet or roll form. 
Standard roll sizes are 16.5", 22" and 33" (+/-1.0") wide with an outside diameter of 24" to 30". 
Other roll widths and diameters are available.
Our thickness range is  .015" to .093".

Dynos Fibre is approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
File Number: E44715


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